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for Kudos-Powered Applications


Kudos Records Ltd (“Kudos”) is a music distribution company based in the United Kingdom. We work with record labels to make the music they release available as widely as possible - enabling them to reach fans all over the world; in-store and online. As part of our service to labels and their artists, we provide a range of websites, web applications and associated “Powered by Kudos” tools and services such as;

Some of our tools can be embedded on other websites or may appear with customised URLs - so you may have been directed to this page from somewhere else - such as a website or social media account operated by one of our labels.

Kudos takes your privacy seriously and we want you to use our services safe in the knowledge that;

This Privacy Notice provides detailed information about the way Kudos manages personal data on its services and how we adhere to laws and regulations relating to the use of personal data such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Cookie Policy

Like most websites, Kudos may use cookies (and similar browser storage technologies) for the essential running of our websites and to keep them secure. Cookies are small text files which are stored by your browser. They allow our applications to “remember” your browser or device. For example, when you log-in to an account you have created on one of our applications, a cookie is used to remember that your browser is authorised to access that account so that you don’t have to sign-in on every single page.

Cookies may also be used to record simple actions or settings in order to tailor the behaviour of applications to your preferences. For example, a cookie may be used to store the shipping country you last selected when buying from our store, so that we can show you the correct shipping prices by default when you next visit our site.

We don’t use cookies to store any personal information such as names, addresses or payment details and your browser won’t share any cookie data from Kudos with any other websites. You may disable or delete our cookies but, because our applications often rely on them, this may prevent them from working correctly.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) provides detailed advice about cookies and how you can manage them here.

Monitoring and Analytics

Kudos uses the third-party service Google Analytics to monitor some of the services we offer. This allows us to collect and process standard internet log data to identify general trends in how visitors find and use our services.

This information is only processed in a way which does not identify any individual. We do not make - and do not allow Google to make - any attempt to find out the identities of those visiting our websites. However, we can see how many visitors use each part of our website over a given period and measure the proportion of visitors we had from a certain country or who used a particular operating system etc.

As is the case for almost all online services, our web-servers store internet traffic logs which record when pages and files are accessed and the IP address and browser-type that is used to access them. These temporary logs are used only by our system administrators to investigate system errors and security issues.

How We Collect Personal Information

Kudos may need to store some information about you in order to provide the services you’ve requested. For example, when you buy something from Kudos, we need to know details such as your name, email address, home address as well as what you ordered and when so that we can process your payment and send the goods to you.

We only request and store information that is directly related to the services we’re providing to you. The vast majority of the personal information we process will be provided by you, either submitted directly through forms on our website, or sent to us via a payment processor (e.g. Paypal). As Kudos also fulfils orders made through other stores (including Bandcamp and Discogs) we may also receive similar order information that you submitted through those websites.

In addition to the data you submit directly, Kudos may store additional information such as your IP address, your chosen payment method and the payment authorisation code provided by the payment processor. We do not store payment card details. We may also need to keep a record of certain actions you take; such as when you redeem a download purchase. This information is required to keep our systems secure, for internal auditing and to comply with laws that govern record-keeping for VAT reporting etc.

Whenever we request personal information we aim to make it clear at the point of entry why we are asking for this data and how it will be used but if you have any questions or concerns about the use of your personal data, you can direct them to us using the contact details below.

Our Legal Basis for Processing Your Data

Kudos collects and uses customer and user data as it is necessary for the pursuit of our “legitimate interests” which are outlined below:

In addition to this we may also process personal data;

In a few cases we may rely on consent as the legal basis for processing your data (such as opt-in marketing and promotional emails). You have the right to withdraw consent at any time. If consent is withdrawn, we will cease to process your data where this is the only legal basis for doing so.

Mailing Lists and Notifications

Keeping customers and clients informed about our activities is an essential part of our business so we routinely send the following types of automated email:

We don't rent or trade email lists with other organisations and businesses so you should only receive emails from Kudos if you have actively subscribed to one of our mailing lists or in direct relation to an order or service we are processing for you. We won’t send you emails you haven’t asked for or share your email address (or other personal details) outside of Kudos except as defined in this notice.

Our automated emails are sent through third-party providers such as Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp (and it’s transactional counterpart Mandrill). These services help us deliver high volumes of emails effectively and securely and, using industry standard technologies, gather statistics around email opening and clicks so we can see how the emails we send are used.

Instructions to unsubscribe will be included in our emails but, if you think you may have received any correspondence from us in error, please report this to us using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Data Sharing with Third-Parties

There are certain circumstances where Kudos may need to share information with other companies in order to perform certain tasks in the normal course of our business:

Email Providers

Kudos uses third-party services to deliver emails. These currently include Mandrill, Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor. This means that in the course of correspondence, some personal information such as your name, email address and the contents of the email may be stored and processed by the email service provider.

Payment Processors

Kudos accepts debit and credit card payments via payment processors including Paypal and Stripe. These services offer secure and convenient methods to make online payments to us without the need for Kudos to process or store your sensitive payment information but, when you make a payment to Kudos some information about you such as your name, email and postal address and the purpose of the transaction may need to be exchanged between Kudos and the payment processor as a necessary part of the authorisation process.

Delivery Services

If Kudos needs to send physical goods to you these will be shipped through a postal service or courier such as Royal Mail or UPS. We integrate with these services through APIs which allow us to automate the booking and dispatch process for the high volume of shipments we handle. Therefore, whenever we send goods to you, information such as your name, address and some information about your shipment (size, weight and a description of contents) will be processed and stored by the courier.

API Integrations

Kudos does not make any personal information available to other companies via an API. However, Kudos may require access to an account you have with another website or application in order to provide certain services to you. Examples of this include the integration for Bandcamp fulfilment services (available to our labels) and our “pre-save” function for Spotify (which uses the Spotify API). In such cases, personal information that is held by the third-party may be made available to Kudos. Note that such integrations can only occur where you explicitly provide consent and authorise for your data to be shared with us. The third-party should also allow you to revoke this consent should you wish to. Any data shared with Kudos in this way will only by used in accordance with the policies laid out in this notice.

Data Retention and Security

Kudos is committed to keeping your personal data secure and we use industry standard practices to protect your data from misuse. Our web services use security certificates which enable HTTPS secure connections to keep the data you exchange with us private. We employ various security controls to protect our systems from unauthorised access and Kudos employees are required to respect our internal policies which set out our approach to data security.

Kudos does not keep personal data for longer than is necessary and reasonable for carrying out the processes for which it was collected. In some cases we need to store data for long periods of time - so we can do things like provide account-holders with a full purchase history - and we need to keep certain records for our bookkeeping, accounting and auditing procedures. Data that we collect through routine logging of activity on our websites is typically retained for no longer than 30 days.

Access to Your Personal Information

Under GDPR, you are entitled to view, amend or delete any personal information that we hold about you. If you have an account with us, simple updates to contact or address details and the exporting or certain types of useful data can often be performed by logging in to your online account or, for wholesale/business customers, by contacting your account representative at Kudos. However, if you wish to make a formal request under the GDPR you should contact us using the details below.

Changes to this Privacy Notice

We aim to make our policies clear, concise, accurate and up-to date. For this reason we regularly review and, where necessary, update our privacy information in response to customer feedback, to clarify certain points or to correct minor errors.

We may also need to update our privacy policies to reflect any new ways in which we plan to collect or process personal information. However, if we do this, we will also communicate these changes directly to individuals who may be affected prior to starting any new process.

This notice was last reviewed 2nd May 2018.

Contact Information

If you have questions about Kudos privacy policies or wish to make a GDPR request. Please contact us using the email address privacy [at]

Our mailing address is:

Kudos Records Ltd
77 Fortess Road
Kentish Town
United Kingdom

Information rights in the United Kingdom are overseen by an independent authority known as the the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). To learn more about your individual rights or to report a concern you can visit their website here.