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Bukky Leo – Obedun (Sweet Soup) (Drift Recordings)

In this Bukky’s latest offering, he has assembled some of his favourite DJs and producers including his old comp Rende Gillies Peterson, Orlando Voorn, Lesley Lawrence. His dear friend the godfather of Dub Dennis Bovell. Featuring original material compositions:

OBEDUN (Sweet SOUP) – Mixed by Orlando Voorn Inspired by his cultural background Bukky goes in search of the cuisine traditions of his mother land Nigeria. He sings praises of his favourite traditional African cuisines. Sang in his native dialect Yoruba language.

GENRE JAM – Afrobeat recently became a recognised genre. Whereby the unique percussion driven with soulful guitar hook lines and melodic piano phrases can be incorporated any genre as a version.

UNISEX DILENMA – it’s just light-hearted, tongue in cheek commentary on the interplay between men and women and some of the stereotypical ways we see relationships, it’s nuanced and that’s why it’s called Unisex Dilemma. Meaning people shouldn’t take the song too literally.

ANNARKEY – Mixed by the Godfather of Dub Dennis Bovell. This a great example 0f Genre Jam whereby Rock or Reggae can be intertwined with Afrobeat. Especially from the Latin Rhythms which are all influenced by Afrobeat.

SUMMER BREEZE – Mixed by Lesley Lawrence is Jazzy instrumental track. It draws from Bukky’s past recording and associations with the giants of Jazz i.e. Clifford Jarvis, Bob Ra Kalan Moses, and playing with Tony Allen who is heavily influenced Art Blackey and Max Roach.

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