Physical Distribution

We sell to major online retailers, high-street chains and independent record stores. We offer worldwide coverage through our partners around the globe.

With over 25 years of sales experience, labels and buyers trust us to get good music in the right places.

Project & Product Management

From mastering to marketing, we can coordinate the entire release strategy and assist at every stage.

CD & Vinyl Manufacturing

We offer comprehensive options for pressing and packaging vinyl and CD - often available on a P&D basis.

Low Shipping Prices

With a high volume of wholesale and D2C orders we have a negotiated discounted shipping rate available to pass on to customers.

Direct Support

We assign every label an account manager. We're available by email, on the phone and in person to provide help and support.

Live Stock Figures

Transparency is at the heart of what we do. Our labels can see live data showing where their releases are stocked.

Wholesale B2B Platform

Our wholesale customers can view schedules, preview releases and place orders through our dedicated portal.

Bandcamp Fulfilment

We take the leg work out of Bandcamp. Our automated product setup and order fulfilment allows labels to run their stores at scale.

Discogs Integration

Our D2C platform is plugged in to the the largest music database and marketplace in the world.

Fully Managed D2C Platform

Our web-store makes direct-to-customer sales easy. No additional setup required. Your orders ship from our warehouse.

Digital Distribution

We're serious about digital. We supply services around the world - from massive streaming services to specialist download stores.

Unlike most distributors, we don't rely on third-party technology providers. We have complete control over all aspects of digital supply chain and royalty reporting.

Music Distribution

We have direct relationships with Digital Music Services and supply hundreds of stores using our own technology. No extra middle-men.

Video Distribution

We deliver and monetise official music videos on services including VEVO, YouTube, Tidal & Apple Music.

D2C Download Store

Our retail site supports digital and physical releases in the same cart. Our labels can sell direct-to-fan whatever the format.

Mastered for iTunes

Products delivered with audio optimised for the iTunes download store are eligible for the MfiT badge.

Label Portal

Our web-based portal puts labels in control of their metadata and makes it easy to retrieve detailed reporting and accounting data.

Chart Registration

We don't just deliver to stores. We send release data for UK chart registration, and to audio recognition services like Shazam and Gracenote.

Realtime Trends

Our labels can access recent stats across a range of digital services.

Bandcamp Distribution

Bandcamp isn't just a record store. We provide digital delivery and royalty accounting for downloads as well.

Royalties Reporting

We offer line level accounting in a variety of formats that allow you to account to your artists.

Tools & Services for Labels

We help labels bring products to market, promote their releases and engage their audience.

Our expertise extends far beyond distribution and we offer a wide range of tools and services to help ambitious labels manage and grow their business.

Dedicated Label Manager

With years of industry experience, each label has a dedicated manager on call to offer advice with every step of the release campaign.

Campaign Management

With hands-on experience we can manage each aspect and detail of a release's lifespan from production to promotional marketing.

Self Billing Invoices

No need to chase us for payment each month, we produce self billing invoices on behalf of the label that payout to you account every month.

Promo Tools

Our instant smart links, video clip generator and promo mailout system help labels and their artists find an audience and promote their releases.

Fully Managed D2C Platform

Our custom D2C platform offers a one-stop shop for fans to browse our catalogue, with physical items shipping direct from our warehouse.

Spotify Presave

We offer tools that help labels start building their streaming audience during the critical pre-release campaign.


Our internal support Knowledgebase offers immediately available & extensive guides and details into all aspects of our distribution services.

YouTube Channel Management

Our YouTube certified team can help increase the monetisation of your channel & using supplied assets generate packshot audio videos to your channel.

Download Cards

We supply the codes, the cards and the technology to provide downloads with physical products.