Putting Music in Its Place

Kudos Records is a music distribution company established in 1992 and based in Kentish Town, London.

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of a hand-picked selection of quality, independent labels.

We are the only independent distributor in the United Kingdom able to offer comprehensive in-house services for both physical and digital products.

Music Distribution

We have direct relationships with Digital Music Services and supply hundreds of stores using our own technology. No extra middle-men.

CD & Vinyl Manufacturing

We offer comprehensive options for pressing and packaging vinyl and CD - often available on a P&D basis.

Label Portal

Our web-based portal puts labels in control of their metadata and makes it easy to retrieve detailed reporting and accounting data.

Playlist Pitching

We pitch to editors at all the major services and regularly see our label's tracks featured in top playlists.

Direct Support

We assign every label an account manager. We're available by email, on the phone and in person to provide help and support.

Bandcamp Fulfilment

We take the leg work out of Bandcamp. Our automated product setup and order fulfilment allows labels to run their stores at scale.

What Our Labels Say

"We’ve been working with Kudos for over 10 years, they have supported the label from the start. Their service is tip top and unlike any other within specialist music. The online portal is easy to use and enables us to work in tandem in real time."
Alexander Nut
Alexander Nut
Eglo Records
"We joined Kudos in 1991 and they haven’t put a foot wrong; always on time with payments, as early adopters they established reliable digital distribution ahead of the game and have always shown the ability to adapt in increasingly difficult markets. They are like a family and always there for us. Highly recommended."
Mike Harding
Mike Harding
"Kudos have been a vital part of our label for the last 10+ years. Their advice and expertise is always on point and the portal allows me to monitor how releases are doing in real time. In an industry that seems to be veering towards a few companies owning everything, it’s refreshing to work with a fully independent company that treats artists and labels with respect."
Aly Gillani
Aly Gillani
First Word
"Kudos Distribution are one of our longest standing business partners in an industry where change is almost constant. We can 100% rely on their honesty and hard work and they are also nice people to deal with as well as musically knowledgeable. They carefully curate the labels that they work with, meaning that we are always working with the appropriate international partners for our genre."
Trevor McNamee
Trevor McNamee
Jalapeno Records

A Selection of our Releases​

Recent Updates

Spotify Windfall

Spotify Windfall

As you may have seen in the news, Spotify recently floated on the NY stock exchange.Merlin (the rights agency which represents independent labels ) received an equity stake in Spotify at launch and have now disposed of these shares on the open market. Proceeds from this sale have been distributed …

New Digital Services & Partners At Kudos

New Digital Services & Partners At Kudos

With the likes of Spotify & Apple grabbing all of the headlines recently, we thought we should mention some of the smaller services (covering territories including pan-Asia, Australia, Africa and Russia) that we have recently rolled out integrations with.VKontakte / United Media Agency The agreement, secured via UMA, will allow social …

25 years of Kudos Records Ltd

25 years of Kudos Records Ltd

Kudos Records is 25 years old today.We are good at distributing, but bad at blowing our own trumpet. However, we felt 25 years was a milestone worth celebrating.Over £25M paid out to over 1,000 labels (past and present). 25,000+ releases distributed. 74,000+ digital tracks delivered. 11 current employees, 27 …


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