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Equasions – It's so Hard to Say "So Long" / World of Loneliness (Symphonical Records)

Introducing the anticipated 7″ re-release of the Equasions single ‘It’s So Hard To Say “So Long”‘ & ‘World Of Lonliness’. A timeless soul/funk single recorded in San Antonio in 1971, revered by sweet soul collectors internationally, has now become available for the first time in over 50 years through Symphonical Records, in partnership with band leader/songwriter, Robert Williams.

This limited repress is a testament to the sound of San Antonio. The Equasions were immersed in the city’s defining impression, performing alongside other local acts Royal Jestors, Sunny & The Sunliners, The Primes, Joe Jama plus many more, all of whom worked to carve out the Alamo sound, one that resonates continues to inspire today.

The 5-piece vocal group, led by Robert Williams, consisted of Vernon Shannon, James Hartfield, Ricky Cotton, and Lamar Sumter. Brackenridge High School graduates, the group were formerly known as ‘The Volumes’, with their first single being released on Manny Guerra’s imprint, ‘Garu’. Two years later, the group switched members and formed their new name, recording their single at Joey Internationals studio.

Robert remarks that both songs were written as a universal message; for no one in particular but everyone can relate to. ‘It’s So Hard To Say “So Long”‘, is a poignant sentiment to lost love, yet hope created through beautiful harmonies, whereas ‘World Of Lonliness’ is a psychedelic reflection of society of the era, which Robert mentions remains true today.

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