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Finn Peters – Red, Green and Blue (MANTELLA RECORDS)

Renowned UK/NL reeds player, composer and producer Finn Peters presents his new 10″, Red, Green and Blue; a joyful collision of influences from around the world condensed into three powerful tracks of what Finn calls “Ancient Techno”.

Like a fever dream of Afro-Asian futurism, the new solo record adds new colours to the spectrum Finn started creating nearly ten years ago with the Purple and Yellow EP, to help paint a sound image like skyscrapers on a silk scroll or dancing in a Chinese garden. MPC3000 and SP12 driven percussion meets cosmic flute choirs and transcendent saxophone as analogue synths point the whole project both to the past and the future.

“I was visited in dreams by the Miraculous Mandarin, an immortal mystic sending messages from the future” explains Finn: “this 10″ is my interpretation of those messages, and an impression of what a 1000 year old time traveller would be dancing to in the year 2086”. The echo of the Mandarin – half man, half music, at once benign and malevolent – resounds across the record, placing the listener in an alchemical space beyond time and place.

From the seductive opening flutes of “Blue”, to the last shimmer of piano on “Red”, the record is best summed up by the lyric on “Green”: “it is sound feeling, dancing on the rainbow…..”

The record will be available through Kudos distribution in all good record shops!

Multi award winning Peters has been described by Straight no Chaser magazine as being “the blazing definition of a seriously heavy player”

Listen here