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Flunk – Personal Stereo (Beatservice)

Flunk’s third ordinary album ‘Personal Stereo’ was released in 2007.

The album “Personal Stereo” is similar to the first two (“For Sleepyheads Only” (2002) and “Morning Star” (2004)) in that it is centered around Anja’s elf-like vocals over Ulf’s programmed electronica and Jo’s layers of guitars and other stringed instruments. And even if uplifting melancholy is still the Flunk trademark, and Anja sings more beautifully than ever, “Personal Stereo” is in some ways darker than its predecessors. But it also sees a return to the debut album notion of cutting and pasting from the last 30 years of popular music, sometimes in an obvious way (as on the title track and “Change My Ways”), other times as more obscure nods to Flunk heroes. One of them, cult favorite Daniel Johnston, contributes with vocals on “Haldi”.

As usual, Flunk’s “budget pop” is recorded and produced in its entirety in bedrooms in two different apartments in Oslo, at Ulf’s and Jo’s.

The album has not been available on vinyl. Until now! It will be printed in a limited run of 200 copies.

Listen here