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Hugo Race Michelangelo Russo – 100 Years (Gusstaff Records)

Hugo Race (Dirtmusic, Fatalists, ex-Bad Seeds) and Michelangelo Russo (True Spirit), fuse rock, blues, ambient and electronic sounds on their raw, compelling new album “100 Years”.
In 2017, the duo released John Lee Hooker’s World Today (Glitterhouse/Gusstaff Records), a tribute to the blues legend’s delta blues legacy reinvented in a swirling mix of analog grit and deep trance pulses.

100 Years showcases the duo’s sonic chemistry against Race’s stark songwriting. Inspired by the raw majesty of early blues recordings, the album was recorded in two days in a non-stop live Hugo Race & Michelangelo Russo – 100 Years session. Amplified harmonica, open-tuned guitars, smoky vocals and primal foot beat walk us through a landscape of dreamlike devastation, a hypnotic wall of sound suspended in time and space celebrating endurance and redemption, hand-made from ancient roots. “Tradition does not mean passing the ashes, but the fire.”

100 Years. Recorded November 1 & 2, 2023.
Engineered by Andrew ‘Idge’ Hehir at Soundpark Studios, Melbourne.
Mastered by Giovanni Versari at La Maesta, Milano.
Published by Peermusic.

PRESS about former album:
Rock’n’Roll Monuments, Greece:
“Race and Russo’s pioneering electronic atmospheres give the historical Blues something you never imagined possible.”

Rolling Stone, Germany: ‘Dark Eros and transcendental blues…’
Musikreviews.de, Germany: “A psychedelic ghost blues of a profound sort, a mature, sensitive interpretation of the music and lyrics of John Lee Hooker. (Race and Russo) have blown us away in slow motion, economically instrumented and with painfully beautiful intensity. “

Q, London: “A darkly singular experience then, and one of the best records (Race) has ever made…”

The Music, Australia: “A collection of bluesy, brooding songs from a talented singer-songwriter with three decades of musicianship under his belt.”

Eclipsed, Germany: “Hypnotic rhythms and haunting guitars, this album tingles under your skin…”
Focus Kultur, Germany: “No one else makes music like this, and that in itself is an achievement…”

Rock and Folk, Paris: ‘This traveler without borders advances through a menacing atmosphere of no-wave electro-acoustics. Here is the spirit, and he does not forget
the body and the soul … ‘
Tom Tom Rock, Italy: “An almost epic attack, worthy of the soundtrack of an apocalyptic post-nuclear catastrophe film… a talking blues of the third millennium, filtered by years of psychedelia and industrial music – and the Berlin years of Hugo Race can certainly be felt – hypnotic and dark, but precisely for this reason enveloping and fascinating. A record in which the music of the legendary bluesman is completely transfigured, without, however, the fidelity to his “spirit” and his “message” being questioned in the slightest. In short, JLH is alive and fighting with us, if we find the strength to follow him.”

Video Links
Hobo Blues (Live): https://youtu.be/7bfTcLwRppc
Love Blues: https://youtu.be/CNUcRdsZIBk
The World Today: https://youtu.be/QLXN5LNYm2U?si=STUuz181QyFgHGgO
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