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Isabell Gustafsson-Ny – Rosenhagtorn (Warm Winters Ltd.)

Isabell Gustafsson-Ny joins Warm Winters Ltd. with Rosenhagtorn, a suite of short pieces for piano, violin and voice. Absorbing in its profound focus on listening, this collection is a striking exploration of these sound sources; their repetitions, harmonics and oscillations. Conceiving of the release as a house, a different song is playing in each room, Gustafsson-Ny was able to explore the rawness and fragility of each instrument with incredible freedom and sensibility. She describes the album in the following words: “In the music there is both repetition and flow, but also the creak of the pedal organ. Here are Radigue traces and slow slow piano. Here is the violin again, resumed after many years of almost fallow. Here are the overtones and the scratchy strings. Here I dare to open the door to the voice.” A unique kind of dusty, intimate folk music.

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