Kudos Distribution

Japanese Translations & iTunes Pre-Orders

Increasing Japanese Support
In addition to our supply of Japanese translations to iTunes, we’re happy to reveal a further avenues for translations. The DDEX metadata format – touted as the future standard for all metadata – can deliver translations for search and display purposes. All opted-in releases will be delivered with translations going forward, and if you selected to translate any of your previous releases they will automatically be redelivered to all DDEX compliant stores with translations added.

Automatic Pre-orders
We are now automatically setting up preorders on all releases sent to iTunes. Preorders can boost sales and help to bump up your first week figures, increasing your chances of charting (both on the iTunes store and in the official charts). However due to iTunes guidelines, we can only set up preorders on products with standard or premium track pricing and a bundle price of less than standard (ie. Budget or Mid-price). If you would like your release to be available on preorder et iTunes, make sure you lower the bundle price accordingly.

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