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Kudos New Releases 03.12.2021

Welcome to this week’s run down of physical releases shipping from the Kudos warehouse.

Jazz, Fusion

Taking a look at this week’s LPs we have Gondwana label boss Matthew Halsall’s hotly anticipated album Salute to the Sun Live at Hallé St. Peter’s. This will fly so act quick. The Roundtable return with a second offering of modernist jazz from Australia titled Pyramid Pieces 2.

Conceived as a soundtrack to an imagined lost European exploitation film, In Search of The Lost City of The Monkey God covers a wide range of influences: Ethiopiques Ethio-Jazz rubs up against European library music of the 60s and 70s. Bev Lee Harling returns with her first solo recording in almost a decade, Little Anchor.


Bill Thompson‘s Black Earth Tongue is based on material composed when working on the project Mushroom! with the contemporary dance group In the Making for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016. Track titles are taken from (mis)translations of Japanese or Latin names for various fungi.

Evan Lindorff-Ellery is a visual and sound artist based in Kingston, New York. No Water Recordings 2011 was created in Ravenswood, Chicago using a hydrophone against a bridge, above water, and a contact mic and ceramic insulator against a brick.

Mikromedas AdS/CFT 001 is the concept-driven, new electronic album from Dr. Valery Vermeulen featuring music produced using data from one of the most enigmatic, exotic objects in space – black holes. With this album Vermeulen augments electronic music, art and science in previously unexplored ways.

Funk, Disco, R&B

A stellar repress of Speedometer‘s 2003 debut LP This Is Speedometer on Freestyle Records. ATA proudly presents it’s first foray into the world of disco with United Disco Organisation‘s Send The Rain/Funky Thing.

Death Is Not The End are back with a second volume of late 50s and early 60s Cambodian slow rock, pop and R&B tracks.

Indie Rock, Experimental, Alternative

A selection of Zardanadam‘s greatest hits from the six-album discography compiled for the first time on vinyl for the 20th anniversary of the band. Editions Mego is proud to welcome Powell to its roster with a bizarre and strangely emotive new LP of synthetic computer works entitled Piano Music 1-7.

HESITATION return with a heartfelt take on the Christmas record. A gift of seven traditional pieces fed through a brandy-oiled machine of analogue synthesizers and robotically assisted singing, festooned with wayward horns and primitive sprigs of guitar recorded in a conservatory in Dorchester.


Hinting at the anthemic while remaining steadfastly cool and deadly, Cassius Select‘s mutant brand of club has the space and versatility to slip between scenes, doing damage wherever it lands.

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