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Langham Research Centre – Tape Reworks, Vol. 2 (nonclassical)

Tape Reworks, Vol. 2is the fourth project by Langham Research Centre released onNonclassical. Following the success of theirTape Works, Vol. 1and subsequentTapeReworks, Vol. 1(which featured remixes by Jim O’Rourke and Group A), this EP presentstwo remixes of tracks fromTape Works, Vol. 2:’Movable Fields’, remixed by Kara-LisCoverdale, and ‘Nachholbedürfnis’, remixed by Beatriz Ferreyra. Kara-Lis Coverdale’s ‘Movable Fields’ is an icy soundscape, gently moving at a glacial pace, evoking the feel of a field recording from a strange planet. ‘Movable Fields’ draws from elements of twoTape Works, Vol. 2tracks, ‘Accarezzo’ and ‘Terminal Voltage Traces’. Ferreyra’s remix of ‘Nachholbedürfnis’ is a dadaist cacophony of bleeps and lo-fi scratchy samples, darting chaotically throughout the track in true GRM fashion. The original album utilizedrecordings made in specific locations, particularly brutalist buildings, as an audiomanifestation of modernism.

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