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Mako & Mr Bristow – Mojan Edits (Breakbeat Paradise)

It’s a little known fact that in 1969, Motown Records boss Berry Gordy organised a holiday trip to Jamaica for his label’s stars. It’s even less well known that while they were there, a number of those same stars worked with an up-and-coming local producer to record versions of established hits over instrumental riddims from the newly emergent reggae genre. Unfortunately, perhaps due to the plentiful supply of herbal entertainment during the recording sessions, the masters were believed lost. Until now. Happily, their recent re-discovery means you finally get to hear Uptight Boss and Beg For A Dollar – the massively crowd-pleasing consequences of giving a brace of mid-sixties Motown classics the boss reggae treatment!

Alright, maybe it didn’t go down like that. Maybe the sound of this release was born instead out of people occasionally mishearing the name of Mako & Mr Bristow’s ‘Stank Soul Edits’ series as ‘Skank’ Soul Edits. Which got them thinking. What would ‘skank soul’ sound like? Hello Trojan – meet Motown. Mojan? Trotown? Either way – reggae most definitely got soul!

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