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Malted Milk – 1975 (Blues Productions)

Malted Milk‘s 1975 album tackles subjects that concern the band’s singer in particular, but also paints a picture of a society with which many people identify. Difficult present times, a broken family and dependentchildren.Thecharacteroscillatesbetweenmomentsofgreat lucidity and optimism, and moments of anger. Feelings that are reflectedinageneralvisionoftheworldweliveintoday,devastatedby the abuses of the powerful ones and rendered insensitive to the “false” freedoms they offer us. Could it be that the personal condition of the album’s character is also the result of a twisted society?


Malted Milk takes a stylistic journey from strong soul and funk roots to resolutely more modern musical influences, all seasoned with sweet hooks ranging from disco to folk-world. Malted Milk isnewlycommitted to speaking openly about uncomfortable subjects and honestly reflecting its passion for American and pop music. The result is an authentic album, in which the singer becomes kind of a spokesman for the band and the listener.

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