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Martin Buscaglia – Cerebro, Orgasmo, Envidia & Sofía (feat. Arnaldo Antunes) (Lovemonk)

This riotous, psychedelic Latin funk anthem, taken from Martín Buscaglia’s 2006 classic album “El evangelio según mi jardinero”, sees its very much requested first time on a 7″. To celebrate this, and thinking about the AA side, we decided to ask Bosq for a remix.

When we approached him, he said “This track is wild, I love it!” and he started to make his thing. When he finished it, he told us, “I resisted the temptation to bump it up closer to 120 bpm – the world needs more midtempo dancefloor treats!”. We couldn’t agree more on the midtempo bit, but especially we couldn’t be more chuffed with the remix. Bosq has added his magic and a tad of cumbia feel as well and the result is way more than a treat, it’s an everyone-smiling-on-the-dancefloor kind of track.

Listen here