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Pimp your Amazon Listing


Amazon now represents a very large chunk of our UK CD business.

You can seriously improve your sell through at Amazon by spending some time adding appropriate content, including reviews, biography information and sales notes to your CDs details page. Any label or artist can submit this information.    Click here , fill in your label details, and start adding content.

Remember to keep your sales notes concise and to the point . You want to draw the potential customer in, not scare them off with a novel !. Avoid long winded, whimsical stories about the artist getting abducted by aliens, or a track by track album synopsis.  If you are digitally distributed by Kudos, audio clips should already be available on the details page for potential customers to sample.  All you need to do is persuade them that its worth a listen.   (I can feel a sales notes primer coming your way in a future blog post!) .

Whether or not your submission is used is Amazon’s call.  If they decide NOT to use your submissions, there really is nothing we can do about it.   Use the “contact us” link on the Amazon page to query their decision.

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