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Polski Piach – Anomalia (Gusstaff Records)

“Who am I to myself? Just one of my impressions” by F. Pessoa
The new album of the Polski Piach trio is titled Anomalia (Anomaly), and is the band’s third album.
They play:
Piotr Mełech – bass clarinet
Piotr Domagalski – bassetl
Patryk Zakrocki – acoustic guitar, general vision and care of the band.

After Południe and Północ (South / Noon and North/Midnight – thematically referring to the time of day and night as well as geographical directions), the band recorded a fully acoustic album, raw but brighter than Północ. The songs contain the title anomalies and are narrative, even cinematic. They flow. The music of Polski Piach is a journey, both through the listener’s imagination and musical styles.
The album was recorded live in Piotr Zabrodzki’s analog studio. The music was recorded on tape and mixed in analogue way.
The cover was designed by Paweł Ryżko using drawings by Patryk Zakrocki.

Vinyl is limited, 200g green translucent record.

Listen here