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Rasmus Faber – Where Light Touches 「A NIMA Story」 (Farplane Records)

Sweden’s worldwide acclaimed composer, producer, DJ and pianist, Rasmus Faber, reveals his first album of ambient / neo-classical work, ‘Where Light Touches’ [A NIMA Story]. The album is inspired by, and in collaboration with, Los Angeles based illustrator Ross Tran (RossDraws), as an audio interpretation of his highly praised book, ‘NIMA’. Crafting a fully immersive listening experience, Rasmus paints stunning audio pictures with delicate melodic hues, abound with atmospheric conversations between emotive pianos, soothing strings and sophisticated electronica that gracefully flow through this enchanting body of work. Composed, arranged and produced entirely by Rasmus, and conceived and mixed using Atmos surround sound, the album was recorded with a full orchestra in Stockholm and fused with contemporary electronic elements from Rasmus’ rich musical heritage.

‘Where Light Touches’ [A NIMA Story] began after Ross contacted Rasmus to make music for one of his projects. They immediately found admiration and kinship in each other’s work. Ross sent Rasmus his new illustrations book entitled ‘NIMA’, which served as the perfect catalyst for a musical idea Rasmus had – to make an album of subtle beauty and immense production and technical dexterity. Rasmus became absorbed in the characters and worlds in the ‘NIMA’ book, encouraging him to match his composing and production skills with Ross’s otherworldly illustrations and boundless talent. The result is something quite extraordinary and beautiful that can be enjoyed accompanying the ‘NIMA’ book, or purely as an audio gift for the senses.

Rasmus Faber started his career as a Jazz musician and house DJ, touring the world, performing to fans of the melodic side of electronic music over the last two decades. His success as an artist in Japan, and being fan of Anime and Manga opened the doors to becoming a composer (one of the only non-Japanese) of music for Anime. He’s composed music for the Meta Quest VR platform, AAA games such as Metal Gear Solid and is behind an almost constant stream of music releases under aliases and his on name garnering hundreds of millions of streams.

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