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Super db – Downtown (Legere)

Super db is a 4-piece band from the South of England whose sound is a distinctive mix of pop, disco, funk, rock and jazz is evoking the sound of the early 80s American West Coast. The lineup consists of twin brothers J-M Sutcliffe (Guitars & Vocals) and J-P Sutcliffe (Keyboards, Percussion & Vocals), along with two new members, Jonathan Wills (Drums, Percussion) and Indigo Pearce (Bass). Following their second album “Ecoute Ca”, Super db now release their third album “Downtown”. The album has spawned four singles so far, “Back To Me”, “Downtown City Girl”, “Side By Side” and “Hard Drivin'”.

“Downtown” features all the trademark Super db ingredients, including soulful close harmony vocal stacks, popping bass lines, ripping guitar solos, and jazz infused harmony, all set to the tones of the West Coast Funk and Disco era of the early 1980s. The band also hark back to some of the Latin flavors featured on their previous album, with songs such as ‘Brazil’, and the album’s infectious closer, ‘Maquina’.

“Downtown” is an album that promises to take the listener on a journey back in time when Disco was king and Walkmans were all the rage. Twelve songs all evoke the feel-good vibes of summer nights at the beach.

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