Kudos Distribution

Tal Klein, Aniligital

The music industry is known for being unkind to independent artists and labels. One might argue that distributors have long held the worst reputation within that industry. As a small label based out of San Francisco that’s somehow managed to survive since 1996 we have seen our fair share of abuse and for a long time assumed that being mistreated by distributors was just “part of the game”. That was all before we started doing business with Kudos.

Let’s start with the facts;

1. They always pick up the phone. Not even our mothers pick up the phone every time we call. And when they pick up the phone, your rep is there to answer your questions on the spot. Real people, dedicated to your account who are always there. Unheard-of in the music industry.

2. Total financial transparency. Music distributors are notorious for their use of fuzzy math. Before we switched to Kudos our distribution statements would make our accountant cross-eyed. At Kudos we always know exactly what we’ve sold, what their take is, what our take is, and we get paid on time.

3. They care about your success. Kudos is staffed by people who see themselves as part of our label. They’ll advise us on the best way to promote a release, the best time to put something out, and they’ll point out pitfalls when they see them. We’ve never seen a company in the music industry so intrinsically aware of their success being tied to their customer’s success.

We at Aniligital see Kudos as a trusted partner and are proud to be distributed by them.