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Tuleje – Puste Ulice (Gusstaff Records)

The band Tuleje consists of Gosia Zagajewska, Ksawery Wójciński and Wojtek Kurek. Their original arrangement of folk music from eastern Greater Poland is filled with deep respect for the original material, and at the same time expresses their subjective view of tradition. A bold look, full of references to jazz, blues, early music and free improvisation.
The repertoire was based on folk melodies from the Konin area – from the villages of Babiak, Kramsk and Osiek Wielki. The lyrics were written by the singer and poet, Gosia Zagajewska. Creators coming primarily from the world of improvisation and jazz propose a new, non-obvious and uncompromising reinterpretation of traditional music, with a mood and sound loosely referring to artists such as Tom Waits or Nick Cave. The arrangements are largely based on rhythm, trance, looping, but also on improvisation, from which the tradition of rural music-making largely derives.

In November 2022, their debut album “Ciche miejsca” (Quiet Places) was released by Gusstaff Records and Don’t Sit On My Vinyl. The band performed, among others, at festivals: Ethniesy, Inne Sounds, Energy of Sound, Strefa Ciszy, Lado na Wsi, Lodžie Worldfest.

In May 2024, the band’s second album “Puste ulice” (Empty streets) will also be released on Gusstaff Records.
It is a well-thought-out, intense and coherent whole, consisting of both soothing ballads and short, dynamic songs with hints of punk or free jazz. The trio consistently familiarizes listeners with an uncompromising reinterpretation of traditional music, while surprising them with fresh, mature and bold ideas.
The full sound of the double bass and drums gives space for a strong voice, creating a solid structure in which these three instruments interpenetrate each other.
The precise arrangements and improvisatory lightness of the Tuleje trio give the feeling that their music knows where it comes from and where it is going, while maintaining the spontaneity of the continuous creation process.
The texts tell the author’s personal story in an abstract way. There is a motif of the city and its elements, such as walls, gates and streets, which are interwoven with floral motifs – well known to listeners from the band’s first album, e.g. “a thin branch of ivy” that “pulls down the blanket at night”. Tuleje once again invites us to the world of their untamed imagination, where structure and chaos, composition and improvisation, abstraction and bluntness of the message mix.

Gosia Zagajewska – singer and poet. For several years she co-founded the Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra. She has released albums with the bands Szpety, Casting Lots, Word-Sound-Pool and Fantastic Swimmers. She gave concerts in Poland, Germany and Great Britain, including in the legendary London club Cafe OTO.
She founded the ephemeral, multicultural collective Andakali Goveyu. The compilation by the Water Tower in Konin included the song “Souterrain”, which she recorded in a duet with Ksawery Wójciński. She also collaborated with Wójciński as part of his original trilogy “Musical DNA of my home. Touring inward.” In 2023, her debut book of poetry “Wyrobiska” was published. She has performed at music festivals (Warsaw Sanatorium of Sound, Fortalicje, Spontaneous Music Festival, ECLAT Festival) and literary festivals (Stacja Literatura, Puls Literatury).

Ksawery Wójciński – double bassist, who can be heard on about 30 albums recorded with bands such as: Hera, Charles Gayle Trio, Wójciński/Szmańda Quartet and Power of the Horns. For many years he has been exploring the inexhaustible potential of traditional music, collaborating with, among others, with Maniucha Bikont or the Polmuz band. He uses voice more and more often in his work.
He gave concerts in countries such as: Germany, USA, Canada, England, Spain, Ukraine, Belarus, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Hungary, Austria, Serbia. He collaborates with artists such as: Charles Gayle, Hamid Drake, Uri Caine, Nicole Mitchell, Satoko Fuji, Alan Bern, Franz Hautzinger, Amir ElSaffar. Selected festivals: Jazztopad, Jazz Jambory, Abank Jazz Festival, Krakowska Jesień Jazzowa, Periferias Festival, Jazz Juniors, Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa, Off Festival, Lublin Jazz Festival, Jazz Jantar, Sopot Jazz Festival, Jimi Glass, Berlin Jazz Festival.

Wojtek Kurek – drummer, improviser, producer, author of music for theater and installations. He has recorded over 20 albums released in Poland, Portugal, the USA and Austria with free improv, electroacoustic improvisation and electronic music. Prepares the instrument using synthesizers, Max/MSP, Arduino and effects. He performed at festivals such as Unsound, Ad Libitum, Avant Art, Jazz Jantar, Claws Of Saurtopia, Spontaneous Festival, Dym, Retytucje, Make Some Noise. He collaborated with, among others, Lukas Ligeti, Evan Ziporyn, Piotr Mełech and Tadeusz Sudnik. He created music for theater performances presented, among others, at the Powszechny Theater – Flupy Ewolucji, Robo and Osobo and for the play Zatoka Suma (Ochota Theater). He co-created installations such as Tropizmy, Entero, Angel, Forest Listening, creating, among others, light mechanisms and sound objects using programmed engines and live processing.

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