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URN – Surprise Me (Weltschmerzen)

Step into the unknown with URN’s latest masterpiece, ‘Surprise Me.’ In this kaleidoscope of sound, genres intertwine like threads in a tapestry of boundless creativity. Led by the enigmatic Jakub Volovar, each track is a journey into the depths of emotion and imagination.

From haunting melodies to pulsating rhythms, ‘Surprise Me’ defies classification, inviting listeners on a sonic adventure through uncharted territory. Like a meticulously crafted collage, it weaves together elements of jazz, trap, and beyond with effortless grace.

While a sense of doom lingers in the shadows, it never overwhelms; instead, it adds depth and texture to an already mesmerizing landscape. With ‘Surprise Me,’ URN proves once again that true art knows no boundaries.

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